Re:benefit Serbia Joins O.U.R. HR: Enhancing HR Excellence and Workplace Well-being

Re:benefit Serbia is now a member of O.U.R. HR, an association dedicated to supporting HR professionals and improving workplace conditions.

O.U.R. HR, short for the “Organization of the United Work of HR,” serves as a hub for HR professionals and it is currently led by a team of nine HR experts with a deep understanding of HR dynamics. The primary mission of O.U.R. HR is straightforward: to enhance the practice of Human Resources and facilitate the professional growth of HR experts. 

As members of O.U.R. HR, we look forward to participating in a range of enriching initiatives, including important HR discussions during meetings, skill-building through training sessions, and participation in prominent conferences featuring HR leaders from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, we are excited about the prospect of networking with our peers, sharing knowledge, and collectively advancing our shared mission.

Our collective goal is not only to enhance HR practices but also to foster workplaces that are more conducive to the well-being and development of all employees.